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Real Estate

Buying or selling a home, cottage or property can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our team of experienced lawyers and paralegals handle the legal aspects of real estate transactions with the utmost care and diligence, allowing you to focus on the exciting parts.

The Ade & Lee team of lawyers and paralegals has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions and contracts. Whether buying or selling a house, cottage or property in Winnipeg or Manitoba, we represent our real estate clients on matters such as:

  • Offers to buy or sell a home, cottage, or rental property
  • Mortgage financing and refinancing

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I am Buying a House, Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Typically, home buyers will retain a lawyer for a real estate transaction after making or accepting an Offer to Purchase with their realtor. Our first step is to review the offer for your contractual obligations and the timelines of the transaction, followed by our introductory letter that outlines the information we require and decisions you will need to make to comply with the contractual obligations.

We then undertake the necessary searches of tax and title, work with your lender if you are financing a part of the purchase or are needing to discharge an existing mortgage as part of the sale.

When we have gathered all of the necessary information we prepare the legal documents to complete the transaction, including the mortgage documents if applicable, and liaise with the lawyer acting on the other side of the transaction to ensure it closes as intended.

Why Have a “Solicitor Approval” Condition in your Offer

Conditions that are included as part of an offer to purchase and sell real estate protect you from being contractually obligated by the offer until all conditions have been met. Much like the more familiar “Home Inspection” condition, “Solicitor Approval” requires the offer to be reviewed and approved by your real estate lawyer to be officially accepted.

Why You Might Need a Real Estate Lawyer Before or After a Sale

Most residential real estate transactions are straightforward and capably handled by real estate agents. However, if the home buyer or seller has any questions or concerns of a legal nature, it is recommended they contact a lawyer specializing in real estate for feedback and advice before making or accepting an offer, especially if a “Solicitor Approval” condition is not included in the offer.

While most residential real estate transactions proceed smoothly, occasionally there may be issues that arise after the purchase or sale has concluded. In those exceptional circumstances, we offer our clients additional support and advice in navigating those post-closing issues in an effort to resolve them swiftly and amicably.

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