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Wills & Estates

We provide extraordinary service for clients with respect to their personal and family matters including helping clients draw up personal wills, powers of attorney and healthcare directives to ensure their wishes are protected. We also help our clients protect their families interests by assisting with estate planning and administration, probating wills and implementing family trusts.

The Ade & Lee team of lawyers and paralegals have a wealth of experience helping our clients make, and most importantly record, decisions that effect their lives and the lives of their loved ones after they are gone. We know these decisions are some of the most important you will make, we are here to help you make them with confidence to ensure your estate plan meets your needs and those of your intended beneficiaries, including:

  • Wills
  • Estate Planning
  • Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives
  • Probate Applications
  • Execution & Administration of the above

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why Do I need a Lawyer for a will

Without a will, you have no control over who will administer and inherit your estate. With a will that has not been written and witnessed in accordance with the law, the final resolution may not accurately reflect your wishes.

Certain provincial legislation fills the gap, but only with a valid and enforceable will written and witnessed by a wills and estates lawyer can you ensure your wishes are respected and those people you care about are properly provided for.

The most important decisions you will need to make when preparing your will is who you will want to administer your estate, as executor, who will inherit under your estate and how those inheritances are to be distributed.

What is the Difference between a Will and Estate Planning?

In simple terms, a Will determines how your assets are distributed amongst the inheritors, while Estate Planning works to protect those assets to the benefit of your beneficiaries.

Depending on your asset mix and your beneficiaries specific needs, we may work with your accountant to ensure your estate plan receives the most favourable tax treatment, which may involve the creation of a family trust before your death or a testamentary trust as part of your will.

If I have a Will, why do I need a Power of Attorney or Healthcare Directive?

Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives are equally important legal documents that confer authority on another person to handle your affairs and make decisions on your behalf while living, if you are unable to do so yourself.

As with wills, certain provincial legislation governs how these documents are prepared, who may act as your attorney or healthcare proxy, and the extent of their legal force.

We typically recommend you execute Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives together with your will so that you not only ensure your affairs will be handled appropriately after your death, but also during your lifetime should you become incapable of doing so yourself.

Do I need a Wills and Estates Lawyer if I am an Executor of an Estate

Being an executor is a significant responsibility with many fiduciary duties. Our team of experienced lawyers and paralegals will help you shoulder that responsibility and fulfill those duties – from the initial application for a grant of probate (proof you have the authority to act on behalf of an estate) to the estate’s final distribution.

And, depending on the estate’s asset mix and the will’s specific bequests, we will help you navigate the estate’s administration responsibly to ensure you honour the deceased’s wishes, meet your obligations as executor and do right by the estate’s beneficiaries.

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