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trademarks & Intellectual Property

Now more than ever, protecting intellectual property rights are an essential aspect of core business operations and branding. With over 30 years’ of collective experience in the field, you can trust our team to advise and assist in creating, protecting and enforcing your Trademarks, Copyrights and other Intellectual Property (IP).

The Ade & Lee team of lawyers and paralegals has extensive experience in filing and protecting trademarks in Canada and internationally. We can help you navigate that process to ensure you receive the widest protection possible for your brand, including:

  • Registering and managing trademarks in Canada
  • Registering and managing trademarks in over 120 countries (Madrid System)
  • Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property dispute resolution

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Why do I need a Trademark?

Creating your brand identifier – be it a logo, slogan or wordmark – can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking, and an Trademark and IP lawyer can provide critical legal advice regarding the likelihood your brand identifier complies with Canada’s Trademarks Act and will be approved by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office upon registration.

Registration grants you extensive rights to protect and enforce your trademark under Canada’s intellectual property law regime and the regimes of any other countries in which you also register your trademark.

How Do I Protect my Trademark?

Registration affords your trademark protection for periods of 10 years at a time. During that period, we also offer our clients continuous trademark monitoring to ensure you meet your renewal deadlines and to identify any possible conflicting trademarks filed by others in Canada. We will also periodically review your trademarks, how they are used and recommend strategies to increase their protection and value. The value of a Trademark is an oft-overlooked asset during the sale or purchase of a business. This is one of the advantages of working with a legal team that also has expertise in Commercial Law.

How Do I Protect my Trademark in Countries outside of Canada?

Under the Madrid System, an international intellectual property rights treaty to which Canada is a signatory, you now have the opportunity to streamline your international registration process in over 120 countries around the world, including the United States and the EU.

Once you finalize your trademark and we’ve confirmed it will likely satisfy certain legal requirements, our team can register your trademark in all countries in which you wish to protect the goods and/or services associated with it.

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